The Strategic Plan for the Frog Hollow NRZ

Our Strategic Plan is the centerpiece of our activities. It is the one thing the Committee is required to do by law in order to be an NRZ committee, and it governs all of our actions. The Strategic Plan was adopted by the Hartford Court of Common Council on April 6, 2011, and it is a part of the City's plan of conservation and development, One City, One Plan.

Each year, we are required to file an annual report on the implementation of the Strategic Plan, but our role in implementing the plan is limited.  As part of One City, One Plan, the Strategic Plan serves as an important reference for City planners as they evaluate proposals for our NRZ. The Strategic Plan also guides our advocacy efforts and informs our positions on proposed development projects within the NRZ, and it also outlines several projects that we can undertake as volunteers. It is not, however, a static document:  we have mechanisms that allow us to add and to subtract projects from the plan. However, if we want to make a substantial change to the Strategic Plan, we are required by law to submit that change as an amendment to the plan to the Hartford City Council for its consideration.