Become a Member

The members of the Committee are all volunteers, and we are all stakeholders in the NRZ – but the term "stakeholder" is not well-defined, either in the state statute or in the municipal code.  The law only provides broad guidelines for who constitutes a stakeholder, and in general stakeholders include:

  • Residents of the NRZ, both tenants and homeowners;
  • Businesses located within the NRZ;
  • Owners of property in the NRZ, here taken to mean absentee landlords (as opposed to homeowners, who reside here);
  • Nonprofits that do all or a substantial portion of their work in the NRZ (they aren't necessarily headquartered in the NRZ, but they tend to be); and
  • The City of Hartford, which designates a representative to serve on the Committee.

The law requires that a majority of the members be residents, and our bylaws limit the Committee to 23 members.  Our current membership stands at 16 members, let us know if you'd like to be involved.